Technical Era of Self-adaptive Sports

At present, the biggest pain point of consumers is that they want soft and comfortable shoes when walking, but expect the shoes to provide relatively strong support and resilience when running. Traditional midsole materials are contradictory in these two aspects and cannot meet both demands at the same time. Taichi can adjust its performance according to the different state of movement, and its "self-adaption" feature makes people's movement desire no longer restricted by sports equipment. Peak has full proprietary rights to Taichi technology, which will be used in a variety of PEAK products in the future to usher in the era of self-adaptive sport technology.

Move As You Like One-second Switch To Running State.

Taichi is a revolutionary technology concept, and can self-adapt to a variety of motion states.

Resilient and Soft, Move As You Like.

Self-adaptive smart midsole I Integrated fly-knitted upper P-HOLD support system Heel-surrounded TPU.

PEAK "TAICHI" Self-adaptation Smart Technology

Since the launch of Taichi:New Fashion Choice

The hot market effect brought by Taichi running shoes makes it a new fashion choice for consumers. Many consumers have replaced their Yeeze shoes with Taichi running shoes.

Amazing Public Praise

Loner Gizmo

Great~ PEAK Taichi~ As great as Yeezy~ Yeezy is softer~ PEAK is more resilient~ I don't wear it for a long time~ I can't comment on the durability and the effect on the knee~ but~ I'd like to give a thumbs up~ the comfort level is good~ but the upper seems a little thin~ I don't feel cold in Yeezy~ but a little cold in Taichi~ But it would make improvement~ Come on~ Peak.

Jr Galang

Buddies, you've been waiting a long time! I have been preparing for this 36-minute bus without delay. This is the exclusive network-wide test of PEAK's black technology Taichi. I wouldn't have worked so hard if it hadn't been awesome. This can be a big deal. Come on, check it out. If it's not dark enough, you can get off at any time!

Lluvia Trejo

I didn't expect that Chinese brands could also develop perfect running shoes with the same function and appearance level as international brands. We can't wait to wear them to run a marathon.

Sebastian Garcia

The first thing I did when I opened the box was to experience the midsole of the "new species": it's so soft. My colleagues in the office all wanted to try, which was followed by the incessant sound of surprise. It can be seen that its comfort level has indeed overturned our imagination.


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