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Move As You Like One-second Switch To Running State.

Taichi is a revolutionary technology concept, and can self-adapt to a variety of motion states.

Resilient and Soft, Move As You Like.

Self-adaptive smart midsole I Integrated fly-knitted upper P-HOLD support system Heel-surrounded TPU.

PEAK "TAICHI" Self-adaptation Smart Technology

Adaptive Intelligent Midsole
ALL IN ONE Weaving Upper
P-HOLD Supporting System
Hell Embrace TPU

Intellgent Technology Midsole

New Subversive Midsole Technology According To Different Sports Status, Achieve Adaptive Slow Cushion Rebound.

TAICHI Tech Midsole

Polymer Smart Material & EVA Midsole Material Composite Foamed "TAICHI" Make Running Shoes Have Two Different Forms Of Sort And Hard

Supporting P-HOLD Technology

P-HOLD Support System,Strengthen The Arch Support.Hollow Raised Wear-Resistant Rubber Outsole,Bring A Light And Comfortable Experience Lasting Protection,Lgnite Running Desire.

Breathable All in one Weaving Upper

Nylon Webbing,Equipped With Crystal Offset Printing Process, Showing A More Delicate Surface.

Function And Beauty Coexist

Running shoe test adopting the black technology of self-adaption

To further test the softness and resilience of the self-adaptive black technology, PEAK, the inventor of Taichi technology, the technology that brings the "first state of mind", and Biomechanics Laboratory, Beijing Sport University conducted a test of the running shoes, which produced amazing results!


TAICHI Self-adaptation Smart Running Shoes was able to achieve the near full mark. They are so soft, even Princess Pea wants to sleep on them.In the walking state, the full score is 10 points.

Running fast

TAICHI Self-adaptation Smart Running Shoes is firmly in first place. Such resilience absolutely deserves the full mark!In the fast running state, the full score is 10 points.

Since the launch of Taichi:New Fashion Choice

The hot market effect brought by Taichi running shoes makes it a new fashion choice for consumers. Many consumers have replaced their Yeeze shoes with Taichi running shoes.

Technical Era of Self-adaptive Sports

At present, the biggest pain point of consumers is that they want soft and comfortable shoes when walking, but expect the shoes to provide relatively strong support and resilience when running. Traditional midsole materials are contradictory in these two aspects and cannot meet both demands at the same time. Taichi can adjust its performance according to the different state of movement, and its "self-adaption" feature makes people's movement desire no longer restricted by sports equipment. Peak has full proprietary rights to Taichi technology, which will be used in a variety of PEAK products in the future to usher in the era of self-adaptive sport technology.

Amazing Public Praise

Loner Gizmo

Great~ PEAK Taichi~ As great as Yeezy~ Yeezy is softer~ PEAK is more resilient~ I don't wear it for a long time~ I can't comment on the durability and the effect on the knee~ but~ I'd like to give a thumbs up~ the comfort level is good~ but the upper seems a little thin~ I don't feel cold in Yeezy~ but a little cold in Taichi~ But it would make improvement~ Come on~ Peak.

Jr Galang

Buddies, you've been waiting a long time! I have been preparing for this 36-minute bus without delay. This is the exclusive network-wide test of PEAK's black technology Taichi. I wouldn't have worked so hard if it hadn't been awesome. This can be a big deal. Come on, check it out. If it's not dark enough, you can get off at any time!

Lluvia Trejo

I didn't expect that Chinese brands could also develop perfect running shoes with the same function and appearance level as international brands. We can't wait to wear them to run a marathon.

Lijuan Lin

Very good outdoor sneaker. These are one of the best shoes I have bought, they are great for daily activities as they are slip resistant and very breathable. This deserves 5 stars.


I love the shoe!!! I bought them for me and my daughter. I wore them to work one day and my feet felt very comfortable after 8 hours. The do squeak a little after some wear, but it doesn’t bother me. Great shoe for the price!!!!


Very comfortable and worth the money. I got a pair for myself and my husband for Christmas and we wear them all the time. These are true to size so no need going up unless you have extremely wide feet.


Love these shoes. The design is just awsome! The soles are art and science combined.


Only have had for a few days but I like them more and more everyday. They're comfortable, stable, breathable and good looking. They look better than pictures I think. They're light and supportive. Went running in them a couple times and no complaints

Jaylen Laabs

Good shoe... it’s holding up so far

Tiffanie Y

I got these for my husband and he loved them. The quality seems to be pretty good. He said they were very comfortable, they were just a bit too big though. We ended up giving them to the neighbor boy who looked like he could use a new pair of shoes. He was ecstatic and they are all I have seen him wear since.

Mr Q

Very comfortable shoes. It catches my heels correctly and keeps my feet stress free. It Also has enough ache support to help my feet, which allows me to be on my feet longer.

billy baker

These are the most comfy shoes ever! I'm so satisfied with my purchase. Usually there's always a little pinch near my toes for any shoes I buy, but these have nice little room overall,there are very comfortable. My friends really like my shoes and the different colors they come in. i got a lot of compliments. I am going to order several other colors because they are just so comfortable.

jason r. kufta

Got these for my husband. He works in a factory and does a lot of walking. He likes them.Good fit and lightweight very comfortable as well.

Cory R Ewing

These shoes are quality.

adamah teko

I love it, fits just perfectly, makes my run just smoother.

Richard banks

Really comfortable shoe. I was a size 10 in lone peak 3.0 and a size 11 in 3.5's. These fit great as a size 10. Has that Altra roomy toe box, and seem like an upgraded 3.0 and not a weird foamy slipper like the 3.5. will update the review once I put some miles on them. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on fit.


I bought these for my son, he has extremely flat feet.He said this is the first time in his life that he was able to take shoes out of the box and be 100% happy and comfortable.


Bought for trail running.,, but I wear them all the time now. Comfortable AF. You will love them if you have feet.


I have wide flat feet and these shoes make going farther down the trail so much easier and enjoyable. In fact, they double as my street running shoe while I’m living out of a suitcase

Ellen D

Best show ever. Wasn't the biggest fan of the 3.0/3.5, but I got these and I am in love! I have 4 pairs of the 2.5s and the Timps. The Timps and these are my favorite. No hot spots, no blisters, no need to break in (I'm used to zero drop).

18.Adam J. Shepherd

These are probably the best trail shoes I've ever owned. I used them for the last half of 2018 Arkansas Traveler 100 and they performed perfectly. I wore 3 pairs of shoes during the event, but I wish I had only worn these. They mesh material keeps them pretty dry whether the moisture is from sweet or water crossing. They have good grip on rocky terrain whether it be loose rocks or larger rocks. They also have two lace holes at the top to use the lace lock and keep them locked to the heal preventing toe injury during long events with a lot of downhills. Overall, they just make me very confident. Every step feels solid.


excellent trail runner got my first pair of 3.5s Altria’s last year while thru hiking on Appalachian trail. Upgraded to 4.0s and will continue using on my upcoming hiking trips. Worth the money. Order at least one size larger than you normally ware


Finally found the perfect hiking shoes for wide feet. Go up a size (at least) to accommodate for socks and liners. I’ve gone through a half dozen shoes to find these. They’re light and comfortable, but firm enough that you can walk miles of rocky trail without feeling like someone took a hammer to the bottom of your feet. Zero arch is much more comfortable for me.


I’m normally hesitant to purchase shoes online with such few reviews, but glad I took the chance. These are very light, comfortable shoes. While I would like to think of myself as "outdoorsy" as I used to be, I typically wear these for all purposes uses. I definitely love having shoes with grip, and these don’t disappoint.

Aaron Gray Melzow

Cushion in the sole is pretty minimal even for a “moderate”ly cushioned running shoe. Not as good as previous versions of the shoe. Outsole is wearing out QUICK. Material breathes rarely well. Toebox isn’t as wide as other models. Pretty secure. Wish they had more of cushion, because stonegaufd feels thick and heavy.

Hugo Zanabria

Nice trail sneakers. Comfortable and roomy on the toes. I saw Darwin on the trail wearing these and definitely are awesome light shoes. I bought size 12.5 and 13 to see what size fits me. I wear 12 in leather shoes. 13 was the winner!


The shoe is very well crafted and the materials are super high quality. The traction is amazing, im getting used to the zero drop. I run in hokas, but trying to trail hike in Altras. So far they are amazing. The quality, it may be the best thing i've ever seen. I need more miles on them to complete this review. They are all that they claim to be so far. Im training with a heavy pack, no issue so far. Update: I've put miles in and they are holding up great, I'm good with the zero drop as a hiker shoe. I'll update again.


I bought these shoes for my son for Cross Country. He has a slightly wide foot and the wide toe box works great for him. Traction is great also and he likes the look of them. A lot of running shoes are not very cool looking according to him.He really likes the way these look as well as how they perform. 

Amazon Customer

These shoes were delivered very quickly and undamaged. I am impressed with these shoes and are my favorite pair to take hiking. They also excel in trail running. With these and the TIMP's I have found my perfect duo for trial running and hiking. Highly recommend these.

kevin r lee

I Have a Pair of 12 size men shoe that are a little tight in the toes so I bought size 12.5 and they seem to be the same size as the 12's a different shoe but fells the same don't know why but they are still awesome trail runners

Chad Baisden

Great shoes. I where 12 in Nike’s so I ordered 12.5 to allow for foot swelling on 10 mile days. Best Lone Peaks yet I’ve had 3, 3.5 and now 4’s

Johnny Boy

I wear a 9.5 wide. It's hard to find this type of shoe in wide but the wide toe box sounded good, so I bought the 10. They fit great and are so comfy. And I love the color scheme.


Large toe box a plus. I wear a 13 and bought one size bigger to keep nails protected on downhill. Definitely a good choice. Zero drop taking a little getting used to but these are extremely comfortable and dry very quickly

Jodie Brook

Most people have to go up a size if you use them for hiking. These shoes are amazing! How is it that a shoe is more comfortable than slippers. We hiked 6 miles yesterday and both agreed our feet were the only things that didn’t hurt.


My new go to shoe for backpacking. Excellent room in the toes, perfect fit and great traction. Very lightweight and easy to attach my gaiters. I have used many other brands, this one has earned the top spot for my needs.

Simon Baird

I purchased these shoes for an upcoming Spartan race since I wasn't happy with the last few pairs I've raced in. I haven't had the race yet, but so far these shoes have exceeded my expectations. They're amazingly comfortable and very durable. They've performed great on my training runs in the mountains and have easily handled all the obstacles I've thrown at them.


My husband loves these shoes, he has wider feet and has a hard time finding good shoes that don’t pinch or hurt his feet. These have worked great and are super comfortable.


Most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. They fit so great through the foot but allow so much room in the toe box. Light but feel very stable and protective on the rocky terrain of central Texas. Excellent service from the seller as well!

Dave Somers

Picked up a pair of Altra Lone Peak 4.0 shoes this summer. Love them. very comfortable on the trail. Especially like the ample toe room. Well made.

Joey D

Like the looks, love the comfort, grip and stability of this shoe. Incredible traction on loose and muddy trails, wet roots are still sketchy but that’s to be expected with with pretty much all shoes. The upper is very breathable which is great for when you get caught in the rain or are having to traverse shallow water and your feet get wet. Overall, fantastic trail running shoe. Way to go Altra!

Juan Restrepo

These are the best trail running shoes that I've ever tried.Toe box is big enough to let your toes relax while running.I crossed some rivers and my feet were soaked wet but as my toes weren't shaffing anything, no place for blisters or injuries.Very recommended

Jason Gracida

I absolutely love these new Lone Peaks. I have the 3.0 and the 3.5's and these 4.0's are amazing. Best one yet. Comfortable and amazing traction. I would definitely recommend these shoes to anyone.

K. Bilger

I like the narrower heel. The tread is a little grippier on wet leaves and trail mud. Did well on rocks.

Jeff Boyd

very light weight and has the best wide toe box ever. My favorite and most important piece of hiking gear !

Scott Abbott

Absolutely Awesome shoes! The most comfortable that I have ever worn. I did by some nice inserts for them before wearing them. Great grip - Air Lite - I can stretch out my toes in the roomy toe box, which also gives me more balance.


Love the shoe! Seller is excellent! Wish they offered in a black, but the grey is okay once you replace the shoe laces. But the comfort cannot be beat, especially if you put in a custom insert. Zero drop is great and too box is plush.

George Walsh

Excellent shoes. Love the extra room in the toe box.


Speedy delivery. Perfect fit. Great for walking. Great support


Very comfortable.A lot of room in the toe area, it creates a feeling of comfort and freedom.Really nice design.

Jearld Clifford

These shoes have such a sure grip I wear them everyday now

David Dennerll

These shoes were difficult to find and sold out at most locations. Thrilled to be able to find them and get them delivered in a timely manner. Packaging worked as expected. Shoes fit as expected and I have been very pleased with them. I have gone on two extended hikes with these shoes with no problems.

Amazon Customer

Love these shoes, fit to size, hike 19 miles and my feet feel great.Will buy again.

Kelly M.

I was very hesitant too buy this shoe after having owned and loved the LP3.0s for years. But this shoe is every bit as good as the 3.0s. The durability is clearly much better, as I have around 400 miles of trail running in these they are holding up amazingly. Will be buying again soon.

Jean Clarke

Love these shoes so comfortable and lots of space for the toes


Shoe fits as described. Serious hiking to come soon, but as of now, comfortable during short walks & they do not require much of a break-in period.

Charlie Claypool

I have been running in Altras for a few years now. These are as expected with the lone peaks. they provide great traction off trail and have enough cushion for longer runs.


Great shoes. This is the second time I buy this brand and I highly recommend it. I use them for trail running in the mountain and I can’t feel the rocks. Great quality.


Love the toe box!

Lee McGinnis

This is my second pair of Lone Peak 4.0. I was sold after my first pair. Comfortable, durable, and affordable. They are light and breathable. A little bigger than true fit, but perfect for wool socks or socks with a little more cushion


Well designed and comfortable.


Great shoe.... haven't had a problem with it yet

William Taylor

This shoe was a glove on my foot from the minute I put them on. I use them for trail hikes and always will. Bought a second pair the same day. Comfort and stability.

Russell Rankin

Recently ran a wet, muddy 50K with 9000 ft of elevation change in these—right out of the box. Zero foot pain, blisters, or even hot spots. Wore with Injinji 5-toe socks. Highly recommended!

Kenenth Domingue

Love these shoes. Got almost 100 miles on them on some narley, scraggly trails. The bigger toe box is great and getting use to the zero drop didn't take long at all. These are my go to trail shoes.

Bil Lindstrom

This is my second pair. I use them for long distance hiking. The best trail shoes I’ve ever found.

Amazon Customer

Amazing shoes the grip is great and the featherweight feeling to it is really comfortable even on long hikes!

Dennis M

I just bought my second Leon Peak shoes. The first shoes that I bought was in REI as I was looking for running/hiking shoes. Very comfortable and padding is adequate

R. Larcher

Great trail runners for all kinds of hiking! Probably the best available hiking shoes/trail runners available as of 2019.


These are my first Altra running shoes and I love them. The wide toe box is fantastic and cushion is just right.


A little getting used to the zero drop. But I love them. Will order from this vendor again. Quick delivery.

The guy who bought it

great fit, had merrels and my foot could shift causing ankle roll, no slipping in these.


Perfect for wide feet. Great for work or jogging.


After a long time and lot of research found these shoes .They fit great and comfortable as advertised.

Jeremy W. Ginsburg

Love the shoes. Great grip. Great build quality. Feet feel good while running and after.


These shoes are amazing. The open toe box is a game changer, the traction is great, overall I can't find any complaints. Will purchase again.


The fitting is far better than my old 2.5. It felt confortable right out of the box. Went for a 21k run without blisters or so whatever. Great shoe!


I use these shoes to run rocky uneven terrain and hills. I really like the wide tie box, definitely a more comfortable shoe while running.

C. Day

Very comfortable. Seems rugged enough to stand up to some trail abuse. Great experience with the seller.

thomas campbell

I run miles and miles. These are the best! Going down hill fast too. No slipping going up or down hills. You get what you pay for!

Don G

It is a little different getting used to the neutral footbed but foot shaped toe pocket is wonderful

Keith Chase

Fantastic shoe, have lots of miles already and it is amazing. I highly recommend it to whomever I think might be interested

Timothy G. Hulla

This is probably the best athletic shoe I have ever worn, and I received it when promised.


So far very happy with these shoes. Good fit, great support, strong grip for hiking. First pair, but won't be my last.

John McDaniel

My favorite trail shoe. Great improvement from the 3.5. Laces and stitching are much higher quality.

Bruce R. Bramlett

The toebox is excellent and the construction is light but sturdy. My last pair wore out and I've purchased another.

Art Colling

Love these shoes. I work on concrete all day, and these are comfortable!

Amazon Customer

It fits perfectly. I wear size 15 and it's hard to find a shoe that is zero drop and gives my toes room. Love it!

Phillip Sukel

first walking shoe i have had that results in no foot or leg pain

Amazon Customer

Awesome shoe! Love altra for running Tough Mudder.

Jack M Thompson

Very comfortable. Great traction. The stonegaurd does a great job.

Nick Jordan

Hands down the lightest and most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

Juaquine de Planque

I love the toe box. It’s more foot shaped than other running shoes.

Amazon Customer

Awsome shoe been running them for years

Guillermo L

I use this product to walk and it is very comfortable

Uncle Dev

If your a hiker, In my opinion 1 size larger was the perfect fit. I wear a 10 1/2 sneaker. Ordered a 11 1/2. Good fit. If I was to thru hike my next size shoe would probably be 12 or larger. As for the shoe. I love these trail runners. Most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. Highly recommend!


Love these shoes.... I'm a flip flop in the snow guy. I like my feet to be free and not cramped. The wide front makes my feet happy. I wear a mens 12 normal shoe and bought a 13 in these for hiking, perfect for about a good thumbs width of extra space in the front.


Bought a 12, normally wear an 11. Extra size for hiking so the toes don't hit the front of the toe box on downhill steep slopes. I have a normal to slim foot and the middle fits just right, toe box is roomy. The larger size doesn't slide around at all. Took about 15 minutes to get used to with the zero drop. About 4 hours through the parks on it and I love the shoe.


I like these shoes a lot, but it is definitely a low heel drop (flat with archsupport) shoe. I wore it for a week and it took some serious heel stretching to get comfortable with the true drop. I usually wear size 12, I had to try 12.5, then finally 13 fit.


Very light, aggressive grippy soles, wide toe box, very good cushioning. Buy a 1/2 size larger than your normal size though.I bought the black boots for work, these for casual, and got wife a pair. Her favorite sneakers.

Lucky maine

Whether you are trail running or hiking, Altra Lone Peaks are the best choice of footwear. They are lightweight, well ventilated, quick to dry, supportive, and like walking on clouds.My only word of warning is on fit: Buy one size larger than you normally would, Altra shoes fit about one size small and narrow.

J. M. Collins

Very odd on these shoes. I have the Lone Peak 3.0 shoes in size 11 and they fit perfect. Then I order the 3.5 version and they are clearly too small- no question. Seems like a design flaw by Altra.Besides the shoe size, these shoes are the most comfortable I have ever worn.


I love running off road in these shoes. The Lone Peak is Altra's "medium" cushion level.


It's the most comfortable hiking shoe I've ever used.The toe box is extra wide, cushioning is well placed and the overall structure is very good.


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