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Buyer FAQ

Q: What is ?

A: iShare is free gifts website for Amazon products which collects the latest deals to help buyers save money. Every user can choose the products they would like to buy and purchase them on Amazon at the lowest price.

Q:How do I get the free gift on ?

A: You can select free gifts products which are marked with Share Get on and then purchase the product on Amazon. After that, please submit your order details to us and we will refund your money.

Q: How should I submit my order to

A: After finishing your purchase on Amazon, please Bind Amazon Account or sign into your account and click Share Get Order on My Gifts or My Account to select the free gifts you want and then submit your order.

Q: When will my money be sent to my account?

A: We will review your order in 1-2 workdays after receiving the order information you have submitted. Once the order is confirmed and delivered, we will reimburse the amount of your payment to your PayPal account. If you need other payment way, please contact us.

Q:Will you cover the transaction fee charged by payment platform?

A:No, we won't. Besides, customer will incur tax and additional freight charges.

Q:I am not satisfied with the quality of the product I bought, can I return it?

A: We only recommend deals from reputable websites, and most items can be returned (unless they specifically state “all sales final”). If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can contact the seller for a refund or exchange(not including the free gifts).

Q: Why are my deal requests failing?

A:1. The number of the products requests has reached the limit set by the seller.

A:2. You have to finish the previous deal request in 60 minutes before you can request another one.

Q:Do merchants have access to my information?

A:No, currently we do not allow merchants to create account on . All deals submitted to our website are verified by our support team.

Q:How do I cancel my account?

A:We're sorry to see you go. Please contact our customer service team ( if you wish to cancel your account.

Seller FAQ

How do I submit my products to ?

A:Please provide us with the information below and we will submit your products to our website:

Are there any restrictions on how I can offer my product?

Currently, there is no minimum or maximum on the number of products you need to offer within your campaigns. However, our minimum discount accepted is 20% off. Any campaigns less than this discount will not be approved.

How do you charge for submitting products?

We won't charge you for submitting products to our website. However, please note we will charge some money per order generated by as commission. You can contact us( for more details.